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Hello students, JEMES , your football skills coach here. In this program, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade your football gameplay skills, dribbling skills and freestyle football skills. The football skills are taught step by step in a very comprehensive manner as well as making sure students avoid common mistakes in practicing a football trick. Here in this beginner-level course, you will be taught 30 basic level dribbling and football freestyle skills that will lay a solid football skills foundation for you. This course will be followed up with intermediate and advanced level courses. Regards, JEMES

What you'll learn

The course contains as below:

prcing plans


1 month training


3 month training


6 month training


12 month training

prcing plans vip


1 month training


3 month training


6 month training


12 month training

My Clients

Vanessa S

The videos have a great pace, they were easy to follow. We could really improve our skills by watching and following his tutorials. While having fun!!!!


yes i'm really starting to learn been starting to learn more about 1v1's and that it's been making a huge difference in a 1v1 situation


Excellent Course with highly practical drills to use for all ages. I like the coaches philosophy of learning to control the ball using various drills.

cWhat People Say About Me

I left this rating because this course is effective in real game situations and shows you how to improve and become a better player on and off the pitch